Article I: Name and Purpose

This organization shall be known as the Hans H. Jenny Investment Club (herein referred to as “JIC”). The purposes of this organization shall be:

  •  to manage the assets of the Wooster Student Aid Fund, Inc., formerly an Ohio not-for-profit corporation;
  •  to receive and manage additional funds from benefactors of the College of Wooster (herein referred to as the “College”);
  •  to offer annually educational scholarships for foreign students of the College. The proceeds of which will come from capital gains and security income, as specified in the JIC Bylaws; and
  •  to provide its Trustees with an educational opportunity of learning about the financial markets.

Article II: Membership

Any member of the College community is eligible to be a Trustee of JIC. After attending three (3) consecutive meetings of the JIC and presenting a research report to the group, an eligible applicant will become a Trustee of the JIC, and as a Trustee, may vote on any and all JIC business.

To remain a Trustee, one shall be present for at least fifty per cent (50%) of the votes which occur during one’s tenure and provide at least one research report per semester.

Article III: Officers & Elections

JIC shall have four officers (a President, Executive Vice President, Secretary, and Comptroller) elected from and by the Trustees of JIC and one adviser appointed by the President of the College with the advice and consent of the Trustees of the JIC.

Section 1: Elected Officers

  • The President shall be responsible for the overall operation of JIC, and shall preside over all meetings of its Trustees.
  • The Executive Vice President shall supervise the routine function of JIC, the Vice President shall take charge of weekly reports on the portfolio, coordinate the research done by the Trustees, and execute all orders of the Trustees in managing the portfolio. Should the office of President be temporarily or permanently vacant, the Executive Vice President shall assume, for whatever time necessary, the office of President.
  • The Secretary shall maintain the permanent records of the JIC, including the minutes of its meetings and attendance of its Trustees and shall be responsible for all JIC communications, including the sending of weekly meeting notices and providing any necessary correspondence.
  • The Comptroller shall maintain the financial records of JIC, i.e. its Journals and Ledger, and prepare them for periodical audits.

The election of the aforementioned officers shall be held during the second week of April. A majority of those trustees present, voting in secret ballot, shall be necessary to elect each officer for a term beginning the day of the election and ending at an election to be held in the next year.

Should any elected office, except the office of President, become vacant, a special election to fill such office shall be held within three (3) weeks of the vacancy.

Section 2: Advisor

The Advisor shall represent the College officially at all JIC meetings and shall offer to either the President and/or the JIC advice on issues of controversy or importance. The advisor shall be an ex officio member of the JIC and shall have the right to vote.

Section 3: Treasurer

The Treasurer of the College, by nature of office, shall be the custodian of the JIC’s funds.

Article IV: Meetings

The JIC shall meet weekly during the academic year on the campus of the College. The President, however, may call special meetings when urgent business is pending.

Article V: Amendments

This Constitution may be amended by a three-fourths (3/4) majority of all Trustees listed in the recording Secretary’s records. Previous notice of fourteen (14) days shall be required before an amendment may be adopted, and all amendments shall be subject to the veto of the President of the College.